I’m not a fashion blogger, but I’m a firm believer that when you look good, you feel good. I received an overwhelming number of inquires and questions about my outfits from my recent trip to Paris, so I wanted to share all my looks here with you. My goal is to inspire women to feel good in their clothes so here are my favourite easy fall looks and tips. I call it mama friendly fall fashion.

Due to ease and comfort, we (mamas especially) often fall into a pattern of wearing the same outfit over and over, but these outfits don’t always make us feel our best. How we feel about ourselves is a critical part of our overall wellness, so once in a while it’s important for us busy mom’s to take time for ourselves and dress in what makes us feel amazing. Parisian women always look put together and effortlessly chic, so for our first non-destination wedding baby-free trip, I took some style cues from the French and cruised the streets of Paris in some of my favourite looks.

C’est la vie – Fall Fashion

For a day of sightseeing I wanted to be comfortable since we would be doing a lot of walking. These ultra-cute patent leather rocker booties from Zara are actually SO comfortable, you can find them here. I paired them with a basic long sleeve body suit ($15 winner steal – heck yes!) and tweed shorts from THE DOT. Tweed is super in this season, and you don’t have to spend a fortune to get that ultra classy look. Click here for a less expensive variation OR click here for a splurge option. I wore a vintage Ferragamo bright orange purse to complete this outfit. Click here to see a comparable option.

Tip: Raid your Mom’s closet for some sweet vintage finds. This vintage Ferragamo bag was a family gift I recently received, and it still looks as good as new. Another great spot to check for these old finds are thrift stores!

Dîner en blanc – Fall Fashion

Paris is the full package. Not only does it have amazing shopping and beautiful sights to see, but the food is also divine. Patrick and I love to try new restaurants when we travel. For dinner at our favourite spot in Paris, I wore vegan suede leggings in taupe from Aritzia (you can find them here), and a silk wrap blouse (click here for a similar top) paired with my favourite Manolo Blahnik suede nude pumps (you can find them here). For a less pricey option – click here for a comparable pair of pumps. My tiny chain Valentino purse completed this look, you can find it here. For a similar looking purse option – try this one by clicking here.

Tip: Know where to splurge and where to save. I don’t like to spend a lot of money on clothing per say, but I splurge on accessories, shoes and purses. This is due to the fact that I can reuse these over and over again with different looks.

Déjeuner à Paris – Fall Fashion

For a mid-day look, I wore the sweetest yellow sweater dress from THE DOT (click here for a similar dress). This was the perfect outfit for the warm and sunny fall day we experienced in Paris. Since my sweater dress was short, I wore over-the-knee boots to get some more coverage. These boots are from Stuart Weitzman (you can find them here). I did splurge on the boots, but I’ve worn them countless times and they are a big fall/winter staple for me. For a less pricey option – try this pair by clicking here. My Chanel purse completed this look and was a very generous gift from my husband. For a purse with a comparable style at a fraction of the cost – try this option by clicking here.

Tip: I love to support local shops, whenever I need a few new pieces, I make sure to pop into local boutiques during my daily walks with Ben. This way we get exercise, fresh air and I get some shopping done. I love supporting fellow local entrepreneurs, so please connect with me if you have a boutique, I’d love to visit!

J’adore le shopping – Fall Fashion

Paris has some of the most amazing shopping centres, filled with people who are dressed beautifully. We spent our last day in Paris shopping at Le Bon Marché and Saint-Germain-des-Prés district. I wore canvas style white Saint Laurent sneakers, you can find them here. I just bought these sneakers a few months ago, and found that they are comfy and match SO many styles. Click here for a comparable option which will save you some cash. I threw on my Zara leather jacket (which I’ve had FOREVER), a plain white knit sweater and my black LV scarf. These ripped black jeans are a staple in my wardrobe, I have a few different variations. Here are two options: for a less expensive option click here, for a splurge option click here.

Tip: To avoid overpacking, pack items you can wear more than once. I wore this leather jacket both day and night.

Chic la nuit – Fall Fashion

Not that I made it out very late (I took this time away from Ben to catch up on lost sleep) but the few times we did head out after dark, I dressed up some basics with edgy accessories. On the evening we went out to a show, I wore a plain black jumpsuit and spiced it up with leather fisherman captain hat which had a chain detail from TSOQ (you can find it here) …and of course, my old faithful Zara leather jacket.

Tip: Basics, like this jumpsuit, are important staples in every wardrobe as they can easily be dressed up and down. I do invest in these pieces.

Most days you can find me at the park in my mom uniform (oversized sweater, black legging tights and sneakers), but I know I feel so much better when I take pride in my appearance and put together outfits with more effort. Whether you are a mama or not, I know you feel me. I hope I gave you some fall trend inspiration to help you feel your best this season. I like to be completely transparent, so please message me for any details on my looks that I may have missed.

Stay healthy, happy and beautiful.


P.S. Stay tuned for my next blog post on Paris – what to see, experience and eat!

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