Considering that Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, I thought covering the topic of spicing up your sex life would be fun for the weekend ahead ;)
You must consult with your health practitioner before incorporating any of the following herbs into your routine as they can elevate your blood pressure and heart rate. Special caution should be considered for individuals currently taking medication.

It can be really frustrating when nothing else seems to be wrong with you, but your libido just isn’t where you’d like it to be. Maybe you find it hard to get or stay interested. Or maybe you find it hard to perform even when you really want to. Luckily, there are some great herbs that can make a big difference and give you the satisfying sex life you deserve.

The Best Herbs for Sexual Health for Women


No other herb serves to so gently, yet effectively, help women in the bedroom than Damiana (pictured beside). This herb works with the body to help turn you on, but in a pleasant, not frantic way. It causes the body to send more oxygen to the genitals –which boosts your sensitivity in a BIG way. (Damiana can also be effectively used by men, as it has the same effect.) You can also combine Damiana with Saw Palmetto, which helps to reduce discomfort and prepare you physically for sexual activity. Often times, just making sure things “down there” are more comfortable is all you need!

Herbs to Boost Sexual Performance for Men


One of the most effective herbs for men that can have you and your partner both in “awe” is Yohimbe. No joke, this herb will give you stronger, and longer lasting fun. But Yohimbe does take some care in use. While it is widely available in capsule form a little goes a long way. Please note – just because one capsule gets you ready for action does not mean that taking more will give you better results. It won’t. As part of increasing the blood flow to your family jewels, Yohimbe also raises blood pressure and it will react with other medications.
Signs you’ve taken too much or need to lay off for a few days are increased anxiety, headaches, and a racing heart. Like I said, a little goes a long way, and taking one capsule an hour or so before the fun begins is really all you need.
Have fun and play safe!
Cheers & Namaste,
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